Leighton Linslade Arts Forum

About the Arts Forum

The Leighton–Linslade Arts Forum was established over 25 years ago in partnership with the Leighton Linslade Town Council with two key aims:

  1. To operate and manage an annual local grant funding scheme on behalf of the Town Council and award grants to the Leighton–Linslade Arts community on their behalf.
  2. To promote and increase participation in art activities by people from Leighton Buzzard, Linslade and the surrounding district.

Its membership is drawn from both community arts-based organisations and individuals with an interest in the arts. Membership is FREE and open to any organisation involved in any aspect of the arts locally. Details of our current members can be found under ‘Organisations’ on the drop-down bar above.

To this day a key role of the Forum remains to award grants on behalf of the Town Council, currently to a maximum of £500 annually, to approved recipients on an annual basis. However, and perhaps, more importantly, it is to work closely with all the organisations that provide and support the Arts locally, be they voluntary groups or commercial enterprises to promote the arts in their widest form. We aim to give anyone and everyone young and old alike the opportunity to participate and engage with the arts no matter what their level of interest by making the arts accessible to all.

To achieve this, we will:

Because our members are fully involved in all aspects of the arts locally the Arts Forum is very much the eyes and ears of the community and can offer support, advice and guidance to our membership, the local authority and individuals based on ‘hands on experience’.

If you would like to know more, apply for a grant or become a member please use the links above to apply or email us at